at the TAB finals rockin' with Lafouche in l'Argentierre la Bessée

4200+ and counting

4200+ and counting

London-Paris-Grenoble-Val Di Mello-Gothenburg: the running man odysée

It was time for a little tour: London-Paris-Grenoble (St Hilaire/Crolles)-Val Di Mello. But before that a little party at my house wich always includes bbq+loads of music.

                                                 tightly packed musicians at my tiny place in GBG

chronicles of a x-onearmed man

Time allways flyes, this is old knowledge. First I thought my upcoming 6 weeks with only one hand would be slow as all my old routines were out of the question. All my climbingtrips were cancelled. And all my gigs too (allmost...). How could I keep he spirit up with such a turn in life?

VIDEO - Catching Reality

It's finally here, please visit

A film by Emil Sergel.

Headlamps, gear and technical advice for mountain sports, rescue and work at height


Technical gear for sport climbing and ice climbing, but also aid climbing, mountaineering, caving, via ferrata, multi-pitch climbing, canyoning, etc.
Headlamps for climbing, trail running, sailing, fishing or any pursuit that requires hands-free lighting.


Equipment for work-at-height and rescue professionals: fall arrest, work positioning, personal escape, difficult to access and confined space rescue systems. Specialized headlamps for professionals.

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