to hit the wall and move on...

the road to Rodellar -the scenery makes you realize youre on the right way!

history repeats itself -the festival era

movie from Joshua Tree -Peak Performance 2010

the simple life

beautiful landscapes (and peolpe)

the fine region just south of the Pyrenées and the home of worldclass climbing: Oliana, Tres Ponts etc

(on) the road

how to survive a REAL scandinavian winter?

going off piste with my boys from back in the day in the scandinavian alps: Hemsedal, Norway.

the Caribbean Cruise tour -moving between extremes

                                                   La Habana -love at first sight...

leaving rain and darkness behind...

the alpine capital of Europe -Chamonix

US -back in the game

running laps for the cameras on the classic "White Rastafarian".

Was this my 6th or 7th time in north America? I started loosing track... but hey, the amount of times is not at all important. The experience has been great every time and this one didn't let me down either.