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new movie: Bestcoast Riot -climbing on the bestcoast with Dani Andrada & Said Belhaj

Here it is finally, filmed during 10 days last summer on the west coast of Sweden. A movie by Jesper Östlund & Martin Arvidson


moussem in Morocco -a taste of the old world

It's been some time since a I posted something here. Not much has been happening since last. I spent x-mas in Finland and since then it's been the 10 training sessions/week+music routine thats been dominating. And then I went to Morocco.

the l'ada, start of the ritual

I know, this is in a way, a pretty boring performance post...

The year, as we on the so called earth (and in the s.c. "west") call it, is coming to it's end. For me it means the end of a cycle and soon the beginning of a new one. The climbing cycle. I usually take 2-4 weeks of, in the end of the year, from climbing to recover 100% and then start the training for the new season. But after climbing just so much this year I still felt I wanted more. As I already started to feel tired from all the climbing this year I put in a last effort to try to do one more route.

an early winter...

Joder! The winter stroke early this year... I hoped to have some time to finish of some projects back home. But unless you are looking for frozen ice climbing mostly happens indoors from now on. So I better escape (once again, puuhhh!) to Spain next week. But indoor training gives you more time for other things, like music (which is not a bad thing).