2006: Kalymnos, Greece

Long life to Sikati cave
Petzl RocTrip, Kalymnos, Grèce

A new area in a hidden cave

The route-setting team from the Millau Petzl RocTrip had spotted an exceptional not yet developed cave, a hidden sink-hole in a corner of the island of Kalymnos. One of the Dodecanese islands, this small island is becoming a major international climbing destination. Laurent Triay describes "a gaping hole in the hill, exposing columns and other gigantic formations..." Arriving by boat at the Sikati sector is the high point of the Petzl RocTrip in Kalymnos, offering glimpses of this incredible sport climbing environment.

2006: Millau, France

Return to the Boffi
Petzl RocTrip, Millau, France

In the Dourbie Valley, never-ending limestone walls

A return to Boffi, the birthplace of the RocTrip... Many new routes are put up around the sector that had welcomed the very first edition. There are of course new ultimate routes, but the competitive aspect is less and less at the forefront. Everything is done to welcome both pros and amateurs in the same space, with over sixty new routes of all grades.

2011: Gêtu valley, China

Under the great arch
Petzl RocTrip, Gêtu valley, China

250 routes in the heart of China

During a reconnaissance trip, Olivier Balma, a guide and instructor at CMDI, accompanies Erwan Le Lann into the Getu Valley, in the heart of Guizhou Province. They discover a practically untouched site with a unique giant arch filled with limestone tufas. The project takes shape with the agreement of the government and the Chinese Mountaineering Association. It takes a group of climbers two trips to put up 250 new routes of all levels. During the Petzl RocTrip, hundreds of Chinese and visiting climbers get together to climb these routes.

2010 : Mexico (El Chonta-Jilo)

A muerte !
Petzl RocTrip, El Chonta-Jilo, Mexico

From limestone stalagtites to ryolite crimps

For this first Latin American experience, the Petzl RocTrip presents the opportunity to discover two spots. First, the climbers arrive at a spot close to Taxco. Well hidden in the jungle, the El Chonta cave proposes a labyrinth of huge tufas. The site is completely new, and the climbers have a great time. The second part of the trip takes place in Jilotepec, a crag on very abrasive volcanic rock. There are new challenges hiding on the different faces of the Huevo de Godzilla monolith, offering a different style of climbing.

2009: Millau (Jonte), France

"Infinity Lane" on stone cathedral
Petzl RocTrip, Millau, France

80m long Ultimate Routes!

This year the band moves a little north of Millau, into the Gorges de la Jonte. This region of historic cliffs and the numerous multi-pitch routes offers great possibilities for high-end sport climbing. So new kinds of ultimate routes are put up on the face of la Cathédrale: 90 m in one go… They are therefore renamed "Infinity Lanes". While the pros test their endurance on this immense face, amateurs also get their fill from a multitude of new sport routes put up for this event.

2008 : Zillertal, Autria

Holy cow
Petzl RocTrip, Zillertal, Autria

Save the granite from mining !

In the area around Mayerhoffen, many climbing sites are threatened by the possible expansion of rock quarries. Certain classic sectors are also threatened with closure by their owners. The event would therefore be organized to support the association that protects the climbing areas from losing access. A new sport climbing area is developed for the event by Gerhart Hoerager, Jorg Verhoeven and their friends. The Petzl RocTrip offers a combination of routes and bouldering that covers both the old and new sectors.

2008: Millau, France

Boffi for ever
Petzl RocTrip, Millau, France

The massive possibilities of the Boffi Cliff

This time, the Petzl RocTrip is one of the events at the Natural Games, which bring together many outdoor disciplines (freestyle kayaking, paragliding, downhill mountain biking and dirt jumping). This would be the last edition at the Boffi site, where new ultimate routes, as exciting as in previous years, were set up for the occasion. The women are particularly spoiled with a route on a huge arête, "Tête de Gondole" 8c, which would go down in style to Martina Cufar, Daila Ojeda and Florence Pinet.

2007 : Red River Gorge, USA

Pockets vs petrol
Petzl RocTrip, Red River Gorge, USA

Overhanging orange sandstone walls in the backwoods

An impressive sandstone massif lies well hidden in a forest near Lexington, Kentucky. The sandstone outcrops are horizontally striated and riddled with holes, with some extremely overhung areas... the site is a climbing paradise. This relatively recent discovery quickly pitted the interests of climbers against those of the oil industry!!! The area is used by oil companies, making cohabitation difficult.

2005: Squamish, Canada

Cacodemon fury
Petzl RocTrip, Squamish, Canada

Under the eye of the "Chief"

Another legendary North American site is chosen. It is in Squamish, British Columbia, Canada, on incredible granite... Everything is accessible in close proximity: boulders, sport climbing, trad crack climbing and big wall climbing on The Chief. As is common in North America, the funds generated by this event are destined for the Canadian organization for the protection of climbing sites, The Climbers' Access Society of British Columbia.

2004: Cantobre, France

Code name: brocante
Petzl RocTrip, cantobre, France

Discovery of a secret spot

The 2004 edition takes place in Cantobre, in the Gorges de la Dourbie. In a hidden meander, at the junction of the Trèvezel and Dourbie Rivers, rises a magnificent, orange and gray striped limestone cliff. Its "double-wave" overhang and the multitude of edgy pockets had been attracting local climbers for more than 15 years. Close to sixty lines had already been equipped, but for access and ownership reasons the site had been kept secret.

Topo map: The Cantobre site is now detailed in the Gorges de la Dourbie topo, edited by CAF Causse Cévennes.