Since March, the Eiffel Tower has been undergoing a face-lift. As it does every seven years, the tower is getting repainted. Eighteen months of work are scheduled. For the painting, approximately twenty people have been working 200-300 meters above the ground: a worksite like no other, where there is no room for error. 

tour eiffelFor the renovation, these craftsmen specializing in work at height will apply 60 tons of “Eiffel Tower brown” paint onto the 250,000 m² of beams and girders that make up this complex structure.

In order to work as safely as possible, these painters (from the Greek company Stelma) have all the equipment necessary for moving along lifelines. The Jarnias company has been in charge of their on-site safety for the past sixteen years. They received a specific fifteen-day training course on the structure itself.


The Petzl equipment they primarily use:

  • NAVAHO harness: for work positioning and fall arrest
  • ASAP mobile fall-arrest device: for stopping the worker in case of a fall
  • GRILLON lanyard: for connecting to the lifeline
  • VERTEX helmet: for protection from impacts and falling objects


The operations underway on the Eiffel Tower are quite unique since the Tower is still open to the public during the renovations. The worksite must therefore limit any possible nuisance to visitors (noise, dripping paint, etc.). The public must also be factored in as a potential source of distraction.

A one-of-a-kind worksite, where safety is vital! Petzl provides all its expertise and experience and is proud to participate in the renovation of this majestic archetectural masterpiece.