This new line of harnesses is specifically designed for rescue professionals.


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-What’s the purpose of this new line?

Rescue professionals are often confronted with a variety of difficult terrain situations. Petzl has designed a new line of harnesses to meet and adapt to these important and specific challenges: the FALCON. Theses harnesses meet our two main design objectives:

  • - to be adaptable to the different environments a rescuer may encounter.

- to reduce harness weight to a minimum for maximum freedom of movement.

-Description of the FALCON

- The waistbelt and leg loops are thin and lightweight for excellent mobility. They are equipped with two DoubleBack buckles for quick and easy adjustment. The breathable perforated foam provides comfort during suspended work.
- The four equipment loops and two slots for the CARITOOL tool holder allow necessary gear to be organized efficiently. Two large rigid equipment loops in front provide easy access to gear, and two small flexible ones in back do not interfere while wearing a backpack.
-The two textile lateral attachment points allow for positioning without adding weight to the construction of the harness.
- The rear buckle allows a TOP or TOP CROLL chest harness to be attached in situations where a sternal attachment point is required.



-A FALCON for every user

The line is composed of three different models, designed for three rescuer profiles.

They differ in the construction of their ventral attachment points.


FALCON - The most versatile
Harness with metallic ventral attachment point offers a versatile rescue solution.
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FALCON mountain
FALCON MOUNTAIN - For mountain rescue
Harness with tie-in loop facilitates mobility during progression using climbing techniques.
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FALCON ascent
FALCON ASCENT - For dangerous environments
Harness with two-part ventral attachment point, allowing the CROLL ventral rope clamp to be positioned as low as possible for increased during rope ascents.
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