The 16th Innovation Competition is aimed at highlighting the most innovative products in the construction field. This year, over 169 entries were presented for 26 awards.
ASAP en action

Prizes for innovations listed in seven product categories were awarded on November 7th at the Paris city hall. Petzl presented its ASAP mobile anti-fall device in category 5 (equipment and tooling).

This competition rewards a new and practical solution that brings real improvement in terms of adaptation to the function, competitiveness and quality of life with regard to what existed before.

The ASAP represents a real development in the field of safety: as the device moves along the life line, it will stop a fall and jam even if the user catches it by reaction during his fall.

For Petzl, this innovation award is recognition of several years of research and offers new progress in securing the world of verticality on rope.



-Look at the ASAP product sheet: selling points, technical notice, video and other informations (use in rope rescue, etc.).

-See BATIMAT website.