Great results guys. Always a pleasure to follow the on-going revelations about these great caves. A great pity that the protection of these caves is not proceeding as fast as the exploration but things are starting to move, though slowly. I am collaborating others in a project directed at a longer term research, community development and conservation agenda for Nakanai, starting with the local people. Several of us are also in dialogue on a desk top project to collect, update and review the data for all 7 World Heritage Tentative Listed sites in PNG, including Nakanai. As a caving team travelling from France you more than most would be very aware of the logistical nightmare of working in the Nakanai region and hence the great cost and slow progress in protection of this great cave system. A special thank you to the various French cavers over the years who have revealed so much about a cave system that only 30 years ago was all but unknown.


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