VIDEO: Between Places, climbing with whales on an expedition by sailboat around Greenland…

"Between Places" is much more than a sailing expedition around Greenland. The documentary provides an inside view into the modern expedition, into mountaineering, and into the lives that climbers lead. The film shines a spotlight on European mountaineers Edurne Pasaban, Erwan Le Lann, and Martial Dumas, who set sail on a 10-day expedition around Greenland aboard the schooner La Louise. The film, "Between Places," recounts their extraordinary adventure...

Between Places © Erwan Le Lann 


 Erwan Le Lann talks about his experience...

Between Places - Peak Performance

"Greenland is one of those places that every climber dreams of when they start looking for adventure outside their home mountains. Little known and explored when it comes to mountaineering, rock climbing, or skiing, the country possesses an infinite number of mountains, couloirs, and big walls. Pure heaven for any mountaineer…
Last May, Martial Dumas, Edurne Passaban, Jacopo Bufacci, and I had the opportunity to organize an expedition around Nuuk thanks to the presence of Thierry Dubois' schooner, La Louise.
Ten days of exploring aboard La Louise looking for unclimbed routes. Every day was an awe-inspiring journey, every detour up a fjord revealed even more possibilities as our projects started to crystallize.

Between Places - Peak Performance

One experience will remain engraved in our memories forever since it was so incredibly unique: one day we spotted a frozen waterfall plastered to the side of a cliff and that flowed right down to the sea. The bad weather the next day inspired us to pull out our ice axes and climb right above the water, with  La Louise by our side.
While climbing, and almost at the top of the second pitch, I heard the characteristic spray of a marine mammal coming to the surface… right then and there, less than 50 meters below my feet and as big as our boat, I could clearly see the spectacular outline of a humpback whale!
All of us were in awe of its presence, so close, so calm; the whale spent more than ten minutes with us. I ice climbed right above a humpback whale!"

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Between Places - Peak Performance

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