Grimpday 2013, the international challenge for search and rescue in hazardous environments

Grimpday is an international challenge that brings together search and rescue teams from around the world (firefighters, civil defense, military, and police). The event took place in Namur, Belgium, where teams competed against each other through exercises involving the unique elements related to search and rescue in hazardous environments. This event was created in 2006 by members of Namur’s regional fire department. The 2013 edition took place on Saturday, June 8, 2013, in the beautiful Belgian city. Petzl is proud to support this initiative that reinforces the development of effective techniques for rescues in hazardous environments.


A spectacular edition

Grimpday 2013 - Namur

The originality of this edition was to host, for the very first time, two intercontinental teams among the 34 registered: a Canadian team from Vancouver, and a Brazilian team from Sao Paolo. The Brazilians livened up the atmosphere on the streets of Namur, dancing from one exercise to the next, and even received a special prize from the city. They were true ambassadors for Grimpday, choosing to descend from the lofty citadel to meet with the general public.

This sun-drenched first urban edition was an overwhelming success. The general public learned about basic rope rescue techniques through the various exercises. The event took place in an unforgettable atmosphere. The technical capabilities of participating teams continue to improve each year, with certain notable standouts in terms of team management.


2013 winners

Three teams of firefighters stood on the podium. The firefighters from Berlin occupied the top spot, followed by the firefighters from Venice (1st place last year), and third place went to the firefighters from Brussels, who ended up having a very successful event.

Grimpday 2013 - NamurGrimpday 2013 - NamurGrimpday 2013 - NamurGrimpday 2013 - Namur

The general opinion is that Grimpday has become a reference in the world of rope rescue. The closing evening’s awards ceremony has never seen such enthusiasm, and event organizers are already busy coming up with new ideas for the next edition...


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