Technical rescue: Raid Rescue 3 in Equator

The Raid Rescue was created in 2011 as a different type of event for rescue and emergency professionals in South America, a forum allowing them to share their expertise, collective strategies, and their experience for intervention and rescue in difficult-to-access environments.

Progress through shared ideas

Raid Rescue 3

The goal of RAID RESCUE is to contribute to improving the technical, organizational, and interventional skills of the rescue groups who participate; sharing experience and knowledge of rescue techniques is an integral part of the event. The exercises throughout RAID RESCUE allow each team to resolve the challenges encountered in the field and serve to foster team spirit, teamwork, and effective communication.


An educational contest

The competitive aspect serves as a foundation for the event’s sometimes wild technical exercises, either solved individually or as a team. Each team has six members, and in some cases one team member plays the victim. Using minimal equipment, teams must complete each exercise within a designated time limit. The judges evaluate the different techniques used, paying particular attention to victim management. Treatment and care are evaluated separately by rescue professionals with an expertise in emergency medicine.

Raid Rescue 3 Raid Rescue 3
Raid Rescue 3 Raid Rescue 3

A well organized event

Raid Rescue 3
This year marked the third edition in the city of "Baños de Agua Santa." The incredible natural environment and beautiful landscapes make this an amazing location for the event. Five teams participated in this edition: two military teams, two firefighter teams, and one national police team. The details for each exercise were provided five days before the start of the competition to allow the teams to better prepare.

The event is organized by "Dotalturas Equipos e Implementos Cia Ltda,” Petzl’s official distributor in Ecuador. Roberto Gutierrez, Petzl sales representative here since 2006, founded the event and also designs the technical exercises for the competition.

Preparation for the event takes place four months in advance, and involves a considerable logistical contingent, site inspections, contact with the primary organizations in the area, as well as planning and coordination with the associations that provide volunteers who ensure that this wonderful initiative runs smoothly.

The high-impact event is held over two days in both an urban and wilderness environment. This time around the rescue exercises took place in canyons, on zip lines, in rivers, on a hydroelectric dam, and at other natural sites in the area.

At each location where an exercise took place participants had to use canyoning, rappelling and rafting techniques, always focusing on victim rescue and recovery.

Raid Rescue 3
Raid Rescue 3

Eighty volunteers helped to make the event a success. More than ten thousand dollars in Petzl rescue equipment was awarded to both winners and partners.


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