VIDEO - Kilian Jornet - Summits of my Life

Kilian Jornet is superhuman. Some even call him an "ultra-human". He has won all of the major international trail running, ultra-trail, and ski-mountaineering competitions, and as of now plans to focus his time on a more personal project that combines the mountains, the great outdoors, and running.

Known for his exploits as a world champion trail runner, Kilian sees himself above all else as a dedicated mountaineer. He grew up in the mountains where his mom managed the Cap del Rec hut, and learned to ski before learning to run. Via his extensive mountaineering, skiing, and trail running experience, Kilian moves through the mountains like no one else. Blurring the boundary between running and mountaineering, Kilian keeps pushing the limits of his own personal approach.

Summits of my Life - the project
"As a kid I had a photo of the Matterhorn in my bedroom, I devoured books written by Messner, and I looked through my parents’ photos of the mountains just daydreaming… It was at this early age that the project started to take shape in my head, and it remained ever-present there until today. The Summits of my Life project will take four years to complete, and we plan to cross the greatest mountain ranges in the world by climbing and descending as quickly as possible."
 -- Kilian 


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