Mountain rescue: video from the IKAR CISA 2011 Conference


The international IKAR-CISA conference took place at the end of October in Are, Sweden. Every year this international event brings together mountain rescue teams from all over the world.

The goal of the conference is to share experiences as well as different techniques and equipment in order to improve both efficiency and safety for mountain rescue operations.




PictoThis year the main theme was "Preventive Safety Measures in the Mountains."




The conference started with eight different outdoor workshops: building avalanche risk awareness among skiers, treating hypothermia and injuries linked to cold temperatures, winching an avalanche dog from a helicopter…

During the subsequent days of the conference, participants were able to attend seminars on a variety of subjects such as complex vertical accidents, or aerial tram rescues.





C2 Vertical Safety, Petzl's distributor in Sweden, took advantage of the conference to present Petzl's new products specific to technical rescues, products such as the MICRO TRAXION,capture pulley, the PROGRESS lanyard, or the PIXA 3R headlamp.



The next IKAR CISA conference will take place in Krynica, Poland, from October 2-7, 2012.


PictoFor additional information:

- Visit the official IKAR CISA website

- See Petzl news for the 2009 and 2010 editions





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