Kendal Mountain Festival 2011 - to the Summit


By bringing 8500 people together The Kendal Mountain Festival in Cumbria reaches the summit of annual mountain sport events. During four days the passionate crew of about 200 volunteers served on a silver plate great moments of exchange with the men and women that inspire the outdoor community with their life. 




Of course they all bring along films, photos, books, music and stories to tell. The program is so vast that the event would need to happen at least three times in a row to allow a single visitor to attend all the happenings! Choices are always necessary and such a wide variety of mountain sports definitely suits a large number of attendees. For sure the climbers, mountaineers, kayakers, cavers, paragliders, wingsuiters, bikers, skiers, board riders, runners and nature lovers that compose the staff are keen on selecting the lectures, they also excel in putting it all together in the friendliest atmosphere. 




Among the featured moments one could listen to Lynn Hill's  lecture "Life, climbs and evolution of a free climber", follow Andy Kirkpatrick on his solitary trip to Troll Wall, rope up with Ed Drummond, Andy Turner and Dave MacLeod for "the Long Hope", sail away with Rev Bob Shepton on the Dodo's Delight to Greenland to climb "The impossible Wall", set camp at the base of Mount Hunter for a first ascent on  the "Moonflower Buttress", hop on a bike for a few tricks with Clay Porter and Ed Oxley, shred a virgin slope of white powder with Nick Waggoner and even "believe you can Fly" to walk a highline and base jump with Seb Montaz, Tancrede Melet and Julien Millot. 





Lyon Equipment, Petzl's distributor in the U.K. was on site to support the event, demonstrated gear resistance in the marquee and organized clinics in the nearby Kendal Wall : crevasse rescue, self rescue on rope, dry tooling with Andy Turner.




Awards of the film competition

Grand Prize: Crossing the Ditch

Judges Special Mention: Ice Revolution

Peoples Choice: The Long Hope Climb

Best Short: On Assignment

Environment: Mammalian

Adrenaline: Sketchy Andy

Mountain Adventure: Vertical Sailing

Mountain Culture: Mi Chacra

Climbing: Race for the Nose

Mountaineering: Encordades 


More info 

Official web site: Kendal Mountain Festival 

Andy Perkins' Blog: inside the KMF 

Petzl Distribution in the UK:   Lyon Equipment

Official Photographer of the festival: Henri Iddon 


dry tooling at lakeland climbing center 



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