Re: Retrofit

Hello Philip, Actually, the battery developped for the PIXA 3R is not compatible with the other model of the range. This is a dedicated battery. The rear cover of the PIXA 3R is not the same than the others PIXA. So mechanically it is not possible to integrate this rechargeable battery on the other PIXA. And in reverse, it is not possible to use standard AA in the PIXA 3R We made this choice, because there are big constraints to make an headlamp (working with standard batteries) compatible with rechargeable battery. There is not enough space in the rear cover developped for AA to integrate a rechargeable battery providing the same energetic capacity and it will be necessary to use another piece to make it compatible. The main consequence is : At the end the product is bigger. That's why we made the choice to develop a dedicated battery , but keeping the same product's size, and providing the same energetic capacity than the other models working with standard AA... So the rechargeable battery would be available separately as an accessory for the PIXA 3R only. And , as the charging dock is included in each packaging with the headlamp, this product is considered as a spare part and is not sold in shop. The only accessories sold separately are: the rechargeable battery and the car charger => only for PIXA 3R. The POCHE and RUBBER, => compatible with all the PIXA. Sincerely


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