top rope solo

When using the microcender and microtraxion on seperate ropes as described on your website; 1. when falling on this the biners attached to these devices sometimes cross load. the microcender more than the micro traxion. They both engage when falling on a dynamic rope. 2. when starting from a ground position or fall position or just moving down a little, the biners often go into a cross loading position (ie stuck on the wrong part of the biner). this leads to a cross loaded fall position or a device that wont pull up the rope. again, this happens to the microcender more than the microtraxion. adjustment is required frequently while climbing Is there a way of stopping this from happening? either a device that prevents cross loading by locating the device on the correct part of the biner, or using slings instead of biners. I have tried the "black diamond grid lock" biner but this can still cross load, again more on the microcender than the microtraxion. This is my prefered set up for top rope soloing but this cross loading issue is very frustrating Any help would be greatly appretiated.


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