Pangaea: The Adventure continues

The Pangaea expedition to the Kamchatka region of Russia has ended. Despite some sketchy weather, the young explorers managed to take full advantage of their expedition's final days. The team shared some unforgettable moments with a group of dogsledders and their dogs, climbed a volcano and enjoyed soaking in the hot springs in Petropavlovsk, the capital of Kamchatka.

This adventure, highlighted by a sense of discovery and sharing, has enabled each member to understand the importance of sustainable development to the survival of the planet. The young adventurers returned on 14 December, their heads filled with ideas for new projects.

  • Reintroduce the ancient traditions of the indigenous people in order to promote sustainable tourism in Kamchatka
  • Launch an eco-tourism website focused on the dogsledders
  • Find a way to help the organization that helps the indigenous people of northern Kamchatka

Even if the team's efforts were a bit limited by the weather and unforeseen circumstances, the outcome was positive. The team was able to benefit from the expedition by learning from their discussions with Mike Horn and all the interesting people they met on their trip.


Next Expedition: The North Pole in May 2011

You can register now on Mike Horn's website .
Team selection for the new expedition will take place in February 2011 in Château d'Oex, Switzerland.



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