Melloblocco 2010: up to the challenge

As expected, boulderers from all over Europe converged on Melloblocco in Italy the weekend of May 6-9.

This was a bet not to be taken lightly, considering the atrocious weather forecast... But boulderers are the persevering type and Melloblocco's favorable microclimate saved the weekend.


Perseverance rewarded


Sunday, May 9th at 2:58...two minutes before the official closing of the event, Adam Ondra, with taped digits, gave one last try on White Snake (8b). He really wanted this one: he started his siege early in the morning and had already fallen after the crux several times... After quickly brushing the holds and an intense moment of concentration...silence reigned...and he started off...

Roaring like a lion, Adam gave it everything he had...bounding from edge to edge, locking down on the tiny holds and moving through the problem to the top. The energy he released at each movement surely made a lasting impression on the small group of spectators who had the patience to stay until the end.


Having sent 7 of the 8 official problems, Adam proved himself king of the event.
And with that, the last of boulderers climbed into the shuttle buses to head to the award ceremony.


A miracle from above

Despite a very wet Friday, there were a few moments when climbers were able to boulder. Fortunately, granite dries quickly! On Saturday at precisely 11:23, a miracle occurred. A few rays of sunlight began to peek through the clouds, quickly warming things up. Suddenly crash pads began to spring up in the forest and the sending started.

In the Val di Mello there's something for everyone: old and young both will find problems for them, whatever level at which they climb.


Always a good time...

Event organizers had many other activities planned:

In the end, rain or shine, Melloblocco is a great time: bouldering, meeting new people and celebrating in the amazing valley!

For more information about Melloblocco:




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