Get ready for the 65th annual 10 Mila!

This year the 10 Mila race will take place on May 1st. For this 65th edition, runners will be racing throught the forests of Finspång, in Östergötland, in southeastern Sweden. This popular race is special in that it takes place entirely at night: the first runner begins at 10pm, followed by the other nine relay team members, for a total race distance of 110 kilometers.


Thierry Gueorgiou's pre-race commentary

Thierry Gueorgiou, member of Team Petzl, racing in this year's 10 Mila, gives his take on this one-of-a-kind race:

"This year, we're expecting a very nice course. This time the race will take place away from Stockholm and the local organizers are sure to impress. The terrain will be difficult and will favor racers that have night orienteering experience.
Among the favorites, three teams stand out, even though it's difficult to have much information following a complicated winter training season with few opportunities to size everyone up (Scandinavia saw lots of snow this winter). The winners of last year's race, the Norwegians of Kristiansand, as well as the Halden Club (Norway) and Kalevan rasti (Finland) will all be battling it out for first place this year.
I'll be racing for my Finnish club (Kalevan rasti), hoping that we will place better than last year (2nd). Although the relay is totally dominated by Scandinavians, this competition has become a international event over the years. Each of the top 10 teams contains a patchwork of nationalities. My club, for example, is made up of Finnish, Swiss, Turkish and French runners.
For the women, the race is shorter, takes place during the day, with five relay members per team. The Halden Club will again be the major favorite this year, with the Swedish club Domnaverts and the Ulricehamns (with team member Simone Niggli) showing strong competition.


Petzl and the 10 Mila

As in previous years, Petzl will be present the night of the race with:

  • technical information about lighting
  • members of Petzl headlamp R&D team

It will be a great chance to learn more about lighting and get all your headlamp questions answered!

- For more information:



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