TIKKA² Contest - Week 11 winners

The voting is officially closed! Below are the last round of winners - chosen from among those that submitted their photos and videos by the final January 31 deadline (each submission is open for voting for 14 days).

Social networking and mass emailing were clearly responsable in helping the winners get the most votes this week. The winners of this week's contest were able to generate a great deal of noise about their submissions and each will receive a TIKKA2 PLUS headlamp.

Now it's up to the Jury to choose the Grand Prize winners - stay tuned for the results, which will be announced in early March.



1. Peyrejal by night without light by ReReColle (score: 3.4595)

TIKKA² contest

2. Platon revisité by Clairetg
(score: 3.4521)
TIKKA² contest


3. Cavewaterfall by Jade10 (score: 3.8531)
TIKKA² contest

4. Milano by cero
(score: 2.7705)
TIKKA² contest

5. The power of light by Laetids
(score: 2.6695)
TIKKA² contest





1. Sombres Secrets by Siosnarf (score: 3.4377) 


  2. The LAMP by Nahtigal (score: 3.4344)


  3. Light meal by ofisofi (score: 3.0429)


  4. Our Darkest Moments by Darkmoments (score: 2.4461)

  5. Co errance by Nicogaillard (score: 2.2462)

Congratulations to this week's winners!




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