TIKKA² Contest - Week 7 winners

We're getting close to the conclusion of the TIKKA² contest and we're continuing to receive more great entries. Over 1000 photos have already been posted! Additionally, we've been getting submissions from all over the world and it's been interesting to see the different interpretations of the Power of Light theme. Now that the long winter nights are fully upon us, it's time to surprise us with your video and photo creations.


Attention: the contest ends December 31, 2009 at 11:59pm!


1. QUE CHOISIR? by Olive (score: 3.4681)

2. Demon's Eye by kwr
(score: 3.3636)


3. Planinska Jama by karmen (score: 3.3394)

4. reflections by Szabika
(score: 3.5661)

5. Longa by Carolo
(score: 3.3207)





Each week, we're receiving more and more video entries. Currently we're getting 2 new videos a day! This is going to make choosing a Grand Prize winner very difficult. In the meantime, check out this week's winners of TIKKA PLUS² headlamps below:

1. Petzl Tikkas side effect by Weiff (score: 3.5079)



2. Freaky climbers by lo-rè (score: 3.4691) 


 3. Dummy Test Run by Dummy (score: 3.4473)


  4. The Rose Cavalier by Cavalier (score: 3.4422)


  5. Au delà de la lumière by vincentb (score: 3.3362)


Congratulations to this week's winners and thanks to everyone that participated! 
A reminder: the contest ends December 31, 2009 at 11:59pm!



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