GRIMPday 2009 Video

GRIMPday 2009: Rescue professionals with no fear

GRIMPday is an international, multidisciplinary technical rope rescue competition which takes place every October in Namur. The fourth edition was a face-off between 23 teams, from Belgium, France, Great Britain, Switzerland and Germany. The participants were firefighters, soldiers, police officers, rescuers, etc.
All are members of “GRIMP” - Groupe de Reconnaissance et d’Intervention en Milieu Périlleux (Reconnaissance and Intervention in Dangerous Environments Group).


In teams of six and observed by evaluators, participants carried out a series of practical exercises on a timed and graded course: vertical evacuation of a victim, Tyrolean traverse, rappelling, underground progression, stretcher evacuation on a hill, etc.


This event is less about a competition, and more about a gathering that allows participants to share rescue techniques, which vary significantly from country to country. Speed is also not the only criterion: the grading includes the level of coordination and calm of the team, the attitude of the leader, and of course the respect of all safety standards. And of course the most important element: that the victim is rescued without injury.

For this competition, the winner was the British team from WEST MIDLANDS FIRE SERVICE, ahead of the Swiss team from S.I.S. NEUCHATEL and the Belgian C.E. COMMANDO team.

All results are available on

GRIMPDAY 2009 - the video (10mn)




grimpday - photo G.Oudot

grimpday - photo G.Oudot



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