10 Mila - the movie

The 10 Mila is the most popular Nordic orienteering race. It takes place in Sweden and draws 8,000 racers. The twist: the competition takes place at night...


videoNight orienteering video - 10 MILA

The 2008 edition has gathered about 8 000 people from 11 different countries. The race took place in one of the fifth Swedish King's residence. For the first time, the King came to assist to the event !
The team Kristiansand OK 1 won the race.


The results, on 10mila website blank

Below, the race's key moments.

-The final sprint, after a 10-hour race

Emil Wingstedt, Halden, tried to break away from Kristiansand and Södertälje-Nykvarn. But a few hundred metres from the finish Daniel Hubmann took control and never let the others back into it. Södertälje-Nykvarn were third.
Halden, Kristiansand and Södertälje-Nykvarn went out together and it was a 17 kilometer long struggle on the final leg.
"I tried to push hard all the way, when I was in front," said Emil Wingstedt, who has won 10MILA four times, half of Halden's victories.
But this time he had to concede defeat to Kristiansand's Daniel Hubmann, who had more left in the tank in the sprint finish, and won by three seconds.
Södertälje-Nykvarn's Michal Smola was a further five seconds behind.
The members of the winning team were: Andreas Höye, Arild Nomeland, Eirik Svensen, Rasmus Djurhuus, Ivar Haugen, Jostein Andersen, Baptiste Rollier, Holger Hott, Damien Renard and Daniel Hubman.

-The women race

Out in twelfth, 4.13 behind. In as winners.
What a fantastic finish by Lena Eliasson, who anchored Stora Tuna IK to their third victory in the women's relay ! Stora Tuna, with three national team runners, were tipped as favourites by many. But they were a long way behind when Lena Eliasson set off on the last leg.
At that point OK Linné led by almost a minute. But Lena, who decided to take it carefully to the first control, soon caught up and then burnt off everyone on the final loop of the course; she was alone on the run-in, except for her celebrating teammates.

For more results, check out 10mila official website.

-The photos




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