New SEQUOIA harnesses

SEQUOIA - Petzl's solution for tree care 

Elagueur au travail

Discover the most advanced arborist saddle Petzl has ever made. The SEQUOIA is the most comfortable arborist harness Petzl has ever made. It excels for positioning and progression in all situations.

The FAST quick-connect leg loop buckles make it very easy to slip on and off.







-The Petzl' difference

SEQUOIA ceinture double


Double waistbelt
Very comfortable waistbelt with exceptional ventilation. The waistbelt is equipped with lateral attachment points for work positioning with a GRILLON-type lanyard.





SEQUOIA Anneaux ouvrables
Gated rings

- Distributes the pressure evenly between the waistbelt and leg loops (3 positions).
- Facilitates changing out and adjusting the height of attachment bridges according to your specific usage, techniques or body shape.
- Allows you to attach the RING S or the SWIVEL directly to the attachment bridge.





SEQUOIA Porte materiel
Equipment loops and saw holder

Allows a saw or other equipment to be attached.






Porte outils
CARITOOL tool holder
With the CARITOOL, tools may be accessed and organized with one hand. Small hole for attaching a keeper cord, to prevent dropping critical gear.
The CARITOOL is available in two sizes for 5 to 15 kg maximum loads.
The SEQUOIA waistbelt has multiple slots where the CARITOOL tool holder can be fastened.





-Which SEQUOIA for you ?

Single rope
acess technique


Arborist's work positioning harness
for single or double rope technique
+More info about SEQUOIA SRT harness

Footlock double rope


Arborist's work positioning harness
for double rope technique
+More info about SEQUOIA harness

  1. Attachment buckle for the SECUR shoulder strap
  2. Padded double waistbelt
  3. Ventral attachment bridge available in 3 sizes
  4. Ventral attachment point
  5. CARITOOL slots (7)
  6. Attachment bridge height-adjustment strap
  7. Gated rings
  8. FAST leg loop buckles
  9. Padded leg loops




-To go further

casque PetzlDiscover Petzl solutions for arborists
a selection of products and rope techniques.





brochure elagage

Download the tree care brochure - pdf format (2 Mb)
See the Attached File.








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