VIDEO - Catching Reality

It's finally here, please visit

A film by Emil Sergel.

the inner voyage: the Red Dragon Tour 2008

the cheap repport

Ok, so theres coming a good one in the near future, when I get back home. This repport of my ongoing trip is not so posh but I still felt I had to do a little update. Anyways...

greetings from a soaking wet Sweden

Tradeshow, Roctrip and back a.k.a the big family


Morocco and back

9a greetings from espanya


the beginning of the end

Oh, it's not that serious... It's just the end of a chapter and soon the beginning of a new one. It's time to leave Catalunya -the climbing, my friends, the generous atmosphere, for a month. Back to Gotemburgo -the winter, the dusty climbing gym (joder, it's going to be my death one day, I'm sure any health inspector would shoot the place down!), family, old friends, music, hopefully good enough weather for some nasty granite edges...