The 2009 ReelRock Filmmaking Competition is on

The 2009 REEL ROCK Film Tour, presented by Sender Films and Big UP Productions is now accepting submissions for the 2009 REEL ROCK FILMMAKING COMPETITION. If you have a camera, computer, and a fresh idea, one of the short REEL ROCK ‘09 films could be yours!

Petzl Slack Trip

May 15 to 17 : Slack line festival in Czech Republic

Petzl ROCTRIP - 09/06/26

For the second year in a row, the Petzl Roc Trip has joined forces with the Vibram Natural Games. This multi-sport outdoor event brings together pro and amateur climbers, paragliders, downhill mountain bikers, freestyle kayakers and slackliners to Millau, France.



Melloblocco - 09/05/08

From May 7-10, the Petzl Team is heading to Val Masino, Italy for the 6th annual Melloblocco international climbing festival. Each year over 2000 climbers, beginners and pros alike, come to check out the world-famous boulders set in a beautiful alpine valley.



Getting started: the Under The Pole Expedition

Under The Pole

Under The Pole: a cutting-edge scientific expedition in preparation

This expedition is setting out to research and examine the underwater side of the North Pole icesfloe. The goal is video document this rarely studied aspect of the North Pole that's shrinking each passing year.

10 MILA 2009

Thierry GueorgiouA story by Thierry Gueorgiou.
Photos courtesy by Jean Paul Hosotte, Jon Rockeffeler & 10Mila organisation.

"The 64th annual Tiomila race proved to be unique for several reasons.

Ice screws and threads, resistance tests

videoIce anchor workshop

Petzl partnered with the "Ice Climbing Ecrins" event to organize a workshop to test the pull-out strength of ice screws and ice threads. Petzl built a mini test center on a frozen creek in the Fournel valley. The pull-out strength was tested using an equalized belay anchor attached to a jack and a chain. Ice screws, ice threads and ice axes were attached to the system and pull tested. The pull-out strength was measured using a dynamometer.