Infinity Lane - the film

Check out the Petzl Millau Roctrip film, featuring the 90m Infinity Lane routes...
17 minutes of amazing climbing to get you psyched!

Red Bull X-Alps: Christian Maurer crossed the Alps in 9 days!

At 11:24 the 29th of July 2009, Christian 'Chrigel' Maurer (SUI) landed in Monaco to become the 2009 Red Bull X-Alps Champion!

Christian Maurer
Christian Maurer land in Monaco, after 9 days of hiking and flying - Photo (c) RedBull Photofiles

Tough Enough - Climbing in Madagascar

Tough Enough, is the name of the 400 meter route in the Tsaranoro Valley in Madagascar first climbed by Arnaud Petit, Stéphanie Bodet, Sylvain Millet and Laurent Triay in 2008. Their only objective was to free the 10 pitches - many rated 8a and harder - on this African bigwall.

MYO RXP - a night running video by SteepMedia

MYO RXPThe UK- based company, SteepMedianew window, present a high-definition vision of night run.

Roctrip Millau, Day 2: Chris Sharma flashes Infinity Lane!

Continued from Day 1

Day 2: Storms and sending

Roctrip Millau: Day 1

The Petzl Roctrip started on Thursday, June 25 in conjuntion with the Natural Games in Millau,France. Athletes from the worlds of climbing, paragliding, mountain biking and kayaking came together to have fun at this huge event.

Petzl Roctrip: rope techniques for multi-pitch climbing

2009 Petzl Roctrip at the Natural Games in Millau, France

Waypoint Namibia: Big Walls, Desert Mirages, and Perseverance in the Darmaland and Beyond

From Majka Burhardt. Check out her previous post here.

WorldCup Bouldering Day.2 - Semi-Finals & Finals

After the exciting World Cup Bouldering qualifiers yesterday, in Vail, Colorado, the twenty men and twenty women continued the competition with the Semi-Finals and Finals today.

Mike Horn - PANGAEA - 2nd part

“Young Explorers Program” 2nd part
South Island of New Zealand