Lithium batteries information

Limitations on use of AA/LR6 and AAA/LR03 Lithium batteries with headlamps.

This information does not apply to the e+Lite which was designed to work with CR2032 Lithium batteries.
Lithium batteries are lighter and give longer burn times at low temperature than traditional Alkaline batteries.
Due to recent advances in the performance characteristics of Lithium batteries (especially their higher output during discharge), they can cause the lamp to overheat and possibly damage the LEDs.


ASCENSION & BASIC: Improper loading can prevent the ascender from grabbing the rope



The ASCENSION and BASIC ascenders are designed to be loaded in a direction parallel to the rope; if loaded at an angle to the rope, the cam may not correctly engage the rope and slippage can occur (See the technical notice, diagram 2).

I'D (D20) BEWARE of improper engagement of the moving side-piece.

I'D flasqueI'D flasque









 Verify that the moving side-piece is properly engaged on the cam axle. Danger of death if it is not properly engaged.

New generation of Leds

A new Led technology is used on all Petzl headlamps with Ø 5mm Leds. It produces up to 80 % more light than the identical models of the previous generation.

Are concerned by this new technology: the compact line (TIKKA, ZIPKA, etc.), and MYO and DUO with hybrid lighting systems (halogen + Leds).

Petzl & FDNY - the EXO solution

BATIMAT 2005 Innovation Competition: the ASAP wins bronze medal!

The 16th Innovation Competition is aimed at highlighting the most innovative products in the construction field. This year, over 169 entries were presented for 26 awards.
ASAP en action

Prizes for innovations listed in seven product categories were awarded on November 7th at the Paris city hall. Petzl presented its ASAP mobile anti-fall device in category 5 (equipment and tooling).

Reversing a battery's polarity is dangerous

Inverser le sens d'une pile est dangereux

New VERTEX helmets

Helmet for work at height and industry.

- An adaptable helmet

The VERTEX helmet is completely adaptable:

New section PPE inspection

In 1999, Petzl created its first PPE inspection aid on CD-ROM. This year a new updated version of the CD-ROM is available, and its content is also available for use on the web at

Like the new CD-ROM version, this new section presents two types of content:

New general notice PPE

In the general text of the PETZL technical notices, we are now issuing you with new information regarding the lifetime of our products. We no longer refer to the "period of use" as this carries a multitude of different meanings. The product "lifetime" includes everything - from the period of storage to the period of use.