Patagonian Expedition Race: a wilderness adventure in the Southern Hemisphere

There are hard races, there are wild races, and then there are hard wild races. The Patagonia Expedition Race falls most definitely into the latter category. The ultimate adventure, this race takes teams of four through the pristine wilderness of Southern Patagonia. The 11th edition started on February 12, 2013, just outside Torres del Paine National Park. As with all adventure races, the course included sections of hiking, mountain biking, and sea kayaking. Unlike other adventure races, competitors often traveled hundreds of kilometers without seeing another human being or any sign of civilization. In 2013 the winning team covered the 700 km course in eight and half days, and only three out of the eleven registered teams finished. Not just along for the ride, photographer Alexandre Buisse imbedded himself with the teams along several sections of the race in order capture the heart of the action.

VIDEO: Between Places, climbing with whales on an expedition by sailboat around Greenland…

"Between Places" is much more than a sailing expedition around Greenland. The documentary provides an inside view into the modern expedition, into mountaineering, and into the lives that climbers lead. The film shines a spotlight on European mountaineers Edurne Pasaban, Erwan Le Lann, and Martial Dumas, who set sail on a 10-day expedition around Greenland aboard the schooner La Louise. The film, "Between Places," recounts their extraordinary adventure...

On the road to Ouray: "Octopussy" twenty years later

A small handful of members from Team Petzl, led by a certain Ueli Steck in "well-earned vacation" mode, was in Colorado for the Ouray Ice Festival. Not far away there were at least two good reasons to face off with the most famous octopod of the Rocky Mountains. Number one was to pay a friendly visit to the first ascensionist, who lives in Boulder, and number two was to climb the legendary route...

Guillaume Vallot reports --

10 Tips for Climbing and Skiing Ecuador's Volcanoes

Petzl supported professional big mountain skier Caroline Gleich and climber and guide Nate Smith on their recent trip to Ecuador. The two learned a lot on their travels and condensed some of their wisdom into the following blog post. 


Glacial moulins: caving deep inside Switzerland's glaciers

In 2012, a team of caver-mountaineers went on a series of expeditions to the glacial moulins of the Gorner Glacier in Switzerland. Serge Caillault talks about both planning the expeditions and the magical world they discovered. A short tale that sheds a little light on the daily "grind" of this extraordinary adventure…

VIDEO: "China on Ice," an enchanting valley, surreal ice

In 2013, a small group of Team Petzl members went on an ice climbing trip to explore the Siguniang Mountains in China. Inside the national park of the same name, Erwan Le Lann, Mathieu Maynadier, Marcos Costa, Audrey Sniezek and Takako Hoshi followed in the crampon steps of "Rastafar'Ice," establishing a few new lines of mixed climbing among an infinite number of possibilities up and down the enchanting valley covered in surreal-looking ice. An adventure revealed in Guillaume Vallot and Raphael Lassablière's new movie, "China on Ice."

The Eiffel Tower and a Disco Ball: an extraordinary work site and original photos

In 2012 photographer Stéphan Denys closely covered the sound and light system installation on the Eiffel Tower, especially the assembly and suspension of the "Queen of the Night." This nighttime work site, supervised by the rigging company Magnum, created a unique atmosphere around the Eiffel Tower.

Enjoy 100 never-before-seen photos...

A scientific expedition to the Island of Madang: arborist-climbers explore the forest canopy

The goal of the 2012 scientific expedition to the Island of Madang in Papua New Guinea was to conduct a biodiversity inventory (insects, plants, trees…), to collect epiphyte plants, and to compare different altitude zones. Two arborist-climbers participated in the expedition, Noui Baiben and Laurent Pierron.

Philippe Batoux in Yosemite: Plan B

Geneva International Airport, October 2013. Philippe Batoux, along with a few members of the FFME national mountaineering team (France), takes off for Yosemite. The goal of their trip is to perfect technique for placing nuts and cams, as well as to gain aid-climbing experience. This will prepare them for a future expedition up a highly technical route on a 6000m high peak in either China or Alaska in 2015. The very full schedule in California includes trying to free a route on the legendary El Capitan, to climb an aid route, and to link the Regular Northwest Face of Half Dome and the Nose in a day. Unfortunately their original plan is derailed by the closing of all national parks due to the government shutdown. Philippe Batoux talks about the ascents from their plan b.

Ice climber Gord McArthur is heading to the 2014 Sochi Olympics

A few months ago we got an email from one of our athletes, Gord McArthur. Gord’s a talented and driven ice climber and a member of the Canadian National Team. Thanks to his strong showing at the 2013 ice climbing world championships in Kirov, Russia, Gord was invited to the 2014 Sochi Olympics, where he’ll compete in the ice climbing “cultural event." We tracked down Gord in the midst of his busy training schedule to ask him a few questions about Sochi and ice climbing as a possible Olympic sport…