Chris Sharma's strategic strike of Maple Canyon

Sharma onsights two 5.14b's and more...

Chris Sharma, fresh off his recent standard-setting send of Jumbo Love (5.15b) at Clark Mountain, made a weekend stopover in Maple Canyon, Utah on his way to Mill Creek.

He went directly to the Pipe Dream, a massive cave capped by a huge 70-foot roof and known for technical horizontal climbing on Maple's signature cobbles, and onsighted T-Rex, one of the three 5.14b's in the cave.

Bull of Africa 2008

The first 12 hours in an adventure race is for me the worst, it is going a bit too fast and all the teams including us are a bit stressed. It is so much nicer the longer the race is going on. For me the challenge is the mental to make the team work together and be able to take good decisions even if you are physically tired and are very sleep deprivated. During a race that is 5 days we sleep about 8 hours all together if everything goes well.

By Mats Andersson:

MYO headlamps and AA/LR6 rechargeable batteries

lampes MYODue to advances in the performance characteristics of AA/LR6 rechargeable batteries (especially their higher output during discharge), they can in certain cases of intensive use, cause quality and safety problems with MYO-series headlamps. When the headlamp is used with AA/LR6 rechargeable batteries, if a short-circuit appears in the cable connecting the battery case to the lamp, the cable can spark, melt, or catch fire. This poses a burn hazard to the user.

Reel Rock Film Tour

The Third Annual Reel Rock Film Tour has hit the road, and will be making a stop at town near you.

Features the latest releases from filmmakers at Sender Films and Big Up Productions. Films this year include:

Chris Sharma sent his hardest route!

Big Up production report they filmed Chris Sharma sending his project at Clark Mountain! It's called Jumbo Love [5.15b], and it's probably the hardest sport climbing route in the world...

You know, this gigantic route featured in King Lines (Big Up film about Sharma climber's life), and where Chris takes huge falls in a massive overhanging wall ?

It's without doubt Chris' hardest route ever. Congratulations, Chris !

Natural Games - the video

From 25th to 29th of June.2008, the Natural Games in Millau (Aveyron - France) put together the most impressive outdoor' crazy athletes ! This
fusion of four universes gathered for the first time all the people of the outdoor community - climb, ride and fun...

Check out the Natural Games video [18 minutes] and witness Adam Ondra's first ascent of "Natural Games #1" (8c).

10 Mila - the movie

The 10 Mila is the most popular Nordic orienteering race. It takes place in Sweden and draws 8,000 racers. The twist: the competition takes place at night...


T-SHIRTS of Roctrip Zillertal

For those who want to bring back a little bit of Zillertal' Roctrip at home :
Some T-shirts are still for sale !! Differents sizes (Men, Women etc...)
The T-shirt graphic design was created by Ben Bert, the drawer who made the Zillertal poster.

Please visit the shop of Mayrhofen to order the T-shirts online !

Zillertal RocTrip lotery: the winners

Petzl and Adidas Eyewear offered several products for the RocTrip in Zillertal. Some of the RocTrip participants names has been drawed to determine the winners of the those prizes.

Here are the lucky ones ! If you find your name in the list, it means you will receive your gift in the next days (using the postal adress you gave when you registered to the event).

Thanks to everyone for their participation.

Roctrip BC - Squamish 2005

Cette année, Petzl et Arc'teryx ont organisé le RocTrip à Squamish, Colombie Britannique, où se trouvent certains des plus beaux blocs et voies en granit du monde.