The new TIKKA2 - ZIPKA2 compact headlamps

Check out the new series of TIKKA² and ZIPKA² compact headlamps. Equipped with the most advanced LEDs, these headlamps are signicantly brighter and longer-lasting than previous generations.
Visit the Lighting section of our website, where you'll learn everything you ever wanted to know about Petzl headlamps: how Petzl measures its lights, how optics work, LEDs, waterproofness, etc.

Petzl Foundation to Sponsor Access Pan America Conservation Initiative

Petzl is announcing a partnership with Access Pan America through a grant from the Petzl Foundation. Access Pan America is a newly established organization dedicated to protecting climbing access across the Americas.

The 10Mila race is coming soon!

The 10Mila race is scheduled for April 18 and 19 in Perstorp, Sweden. For the second year in a row, Petzl is the main sponsor of this major orienteering race, which attacts up to 8000 participants.

Applications for M.Horn expedition

PANGAEAIf you are between the ages of 13 and 20 years old, interested in helping preserve the environment and want to have a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, the PANGAEA project is for you!

Applications for the next session of the Y.E.P. (Young Explorers Program) are now being accepted. The expedition takes place in October on an Indonesian island.

Scottish Ice Trip

Mountaineering-Ueli Steck
Check out the Petzl ice climbing team's trip report on their journey to the Ben Nevis in a very wet Scotland.

Martial Dumas, Yann Mimet, Ueli Steck, Aljaz Anderle, Mathieu Maynadier, Tony Lamiche...

New 2009 Sport catalog

The new 2009 sport catalog is here!

Products, technical advice, but also field reports, all you want to know about Petzl, verticality and lighting within 150 pages.
Available in pdf format, you can download it in the Catalog section.

Petzl sport catalog


Lithium battery information

Limitations on use of AA/LR6 and AAA/LR03 Lithium batteries with headlamps.

This information does not apply to the e+Lite which was designed to work with CR2032 Lithium batteries.

Lithium batteries are lighter and give longer burn times at low temperature than traditional Alkaline batteries.

Due to recent advances in the performance characteristics of Lithium batteries (especially their higher output during discharge), they can cause the lamp to overheat and possibly damage the LEDs.

Cerro Torre, the making-of

Cerro Torre - Photo SourzacMaking-of the movie "Ritmo Latino"

The story of two alpinists, Bruno Sourzac and Ramiro Calvo, bewitched by the same mountain: Cerro Torre. In the heart of Patagonia, this granite monolith rejects many suitors, even the most gifted ones. Ramiro has produced a funny and touching film of the Franco-Argentinean team making the ascent.


Scottish Ice Trip - Day 7

The all white day...
It was a promising sight when I first peered out of the window this morning. Beyond the wet glass and besides a constant tapping of the rain, the mountains across the bay were covered in snow. Well, the temperature decided to drop at last. Our destination in the Glen Coe range was about two-hour walk away. But as I tried to catch as much as a glimpse of where we were heading, all I could actually see was a decently steep and long snow slope ahead of us, disappearing into white.

Scottish Ice Trip - Day 5

As checked out the previous day, it is warm outside...and still raining.
The bravest of us are awake around 7.30am for the scottish cooked breakfast.