Whether you are looking for a single rope, a half/twin rope or a rope with multiple certifications (single and half/twin), you will find one that meets your needs in the Petzl rope line.

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Dynamic single ropes

For climbing in a gym, at a crag or when mountaineering, Petzl single ropes offer excellent grip and consistent handling over time.

Dynamic half ropes

Designed for multi-pitch climbing, mountaineering, or ice climbing, Petzl's half ropes are very easy to manipulate and very durable.

Technical hiking cord

Cord designed for installation of a fixed line to secure an exposed section.


Depending on their diameter, Petzl cords can be used for backing up an anchor, making a friction hitch, creating a rope thread, or attaching accessories.

Rope bags

For use in the gym or at the crag, Petzl rope bags have an integrated tarp and easily transport a rope and a few accessories.

New items