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Dani Andrada Jiménez

"I’ve been climbing since I was 12 years old. Climbing has always been my passion. It has now become my profession, and thankfully it is one of the things in life that I enjoy the most."

Dani Andrada Jiménez

Profile of Dani

  • Date of birth : July 15 1975
  • Current status : Professional climber
  • Hometown : Cornudella de Montsant (Spain)
  • Activities : Rock climbing
  • Training : The school of life
  • Joined the Petzl Team : January 1 2000


"My specialty is multi-pitch big wall sport climbing and putting up new routes." 

"But I also like bouldering.I love just being in nature. My favorite climbing spots are in Spain."


Video playlist  with Dani Andrada

Major ascents

Sport climbing

  • "Corazón de Ensueño" (China), 2010


Other informations 


  • "Lleidaclimb", a rock climbing guidebook for Lleida (Spain) 


Included in this article

Jean Troillet "I have been a mountain guide since 1969. I became seriously involved in mountaineering in the 1980s when I began organizing expeditions to the Himalayas. I would say I’m a high altitude expert. I discovered my passion for climbing at altitude by accepting the invitation of a friend to go to the West Pillar of Makalu in 1982. Mountaineering has created many great friendships throughout my life." Gérôme Pouvreau "I, Gerome Pouvreau, declare that : I love competition ; I constantly want to push my limits and come off routes totally stoked and high on life." Enzo Oddo Enzo, full of youthful exuberance… "I’ve enjoyed climbing from early childhood. Why? I was born in Nice, there’s rock everywhere and the weather’s good year round, so going climbing is easy. My parents climbed. When I was little my parents brought with them all the time when they went climbing. I feel right at home climbing. Until the age of 13, I really enjoyed climbing the cliffs of the French Riviera, but now, after having traveled with Team Petzl, it’s not the same type of enjoyment." Jorg Verhoeven The journey of a competitor: "No matter what their discipline is, all athletes pretty much share the same feelings. In the end they have the same type of relationship with their brand, their equipment, their team. The only difference is the level and the amount of media recognition. As a Dutch climber I started climbing in the gym, but I quickly realized there were other opportunities. Since 2005, I have lived in the Austrian Alps. In one word, I live a dream. I am a professional competition climber but I also climb outdoors a lot. I find the most pleasure outdoors, in nature."