• DART


Mono-point crampon for ice and mixed climbing

DART crampons are ideal for extreme mixed and ice climbing. The mono-point is designed to displace less ice and make for precise placements on micro-edges. The third row of points is angled towards the rear for hooking in steep terrain or around ice columns. Ultra-light.

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Detailed description


  • Horizontal structure places the foot as close to the ice as possible, for increased sensitivity and more precise placements
  • Toe bail wire has two positions for perfect fit on all sole thicknesses, and can be adjusted to fit technical boots with asymmetrical shapes
  • Point lengths designed for maximum stability without having to high-step
  • Sharp points for great purchase in ice
  • Forged front point is toothed for precise placements and purchase
  • Two toothed points angled forward to reinforce purchase and give support when front-pointing
  • Two toothed points angled backwards for inside or outside edging
  • Four teeth for stability when descending facing downhill
  • Side points for purchase while traversing
  • Front section can be replaced if the front point is worn


  • Number of points: 11
  • Boot sizes: 34 to 44 with M linking bar (included); optional L linking bar fits boots sizes 38 to 49
  • Certification(s): CE EN 893, UIAA


References T22LLF 02
Weight 2 X 412 = 824 g
Multi-mount system LEVERLOCK FIL
Guarantee 3 years
Packing 1