Whether you’re walking on a glacier, in an icy chimney or on a mixed route, crampons are an essential connection between you and the ice. Indispensable due to their performance, durability and ease of adjustment on all boots.

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Crampons (12)
Glacier travel crampons (1)
Classic mountaineering crampons (1)
Technical mountaineering crampons (1)
Ice climbing crampons (4)
Special purpose crampons (1)
Crampon accessories (4)

Glacier travel crampons

Models for glacier travel, easy snow climbs and ski mountaineering. Lightweight and easy to use, these crampons can fit most boots, even those without welts.

Classic mountaineering crampons

Versatile models for varied terrain of intermediate difficulty, with optimal grip on steep slopes or ice couloirs.

Technical mountaineering crampons

Performance models for difficult snow, ice and mixed climbs. The front points are designed for excellent penetration on hard ice and for stability on mixed terrain.

Ice climbing crampons

Very technical, high-performance crampons with front points that offer precision and good ice penetration.

Special purpose crampons

Accessories for travel on icy terrain, adaptable to all types of shoes.

Crampon accessories

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