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CLASSIC headlamps

Simply... hands-free lighting! Lightweight, compact and easy to use, headlamps from the CLASSIC line provide proximity lighting for everyday family uses: camping, recreation, crafting, repair work... STANDARD LIGHTING.

CLASSIC series headlamps: lighting for everyday activities

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CLASSIC series headlamps: lighting for everyday activities

Simply... hands-free lighting!

CLASSIC series headlamps [EN] from Petzl-sport on Vimeo.


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Proximity lighting for everyday use


• Family

• Children

• Camping

• Do-it-yourself projects

• Home use

• Repair work

Your needs:

Lightweight, compact, and simple, for occasional use.



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the ideal compromise between power and burn time



the headlamp supplies energy "directly" to the light source.


• The headlamp has a very long burn time

• The headlamp lights very intensely for the first minutes, and then decreases gradually over time

• The rated brightness is the maximum light output, measured when the lamp is first turned on