Ice screws, multi-directional hangers, glues for climbing anchors, anchor plates: from the highest summits to the deepest caves, Petzl anchors are a guarantee of quality for outfitters and practitioners.

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Ice protection

Lightweight, durable, quick and easy to place, Petzl ice anchors are a part of every mountaineer's and ice climber's adventures.

Ice protection accessories

Equipment for easier, safer ice climbing and for ice screw maintenance.


Manufactured from the best types of steel for reliability and durability, Petzl pitons meet all the needs encountered by climbers, on any type of rock.

Rock anchors

Hangers, bolts and glue-in bolts are made of stainless steel for durability and corrosion resistance.

Caving anchors

Hangers and anchors designed for progression in caving.

Quick links

Rock and caving anchor accessories

Equipment useful for placing and using progression anchors in rock climbing and caving.

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