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ACTIVE headlamps

Non-stop power! Compact and multi-beam, ACTIVE headlamps guarantee constant, comfortable lighting over time. They respond to the need for versatility that comes with outdoor activities like hiking, trekking, bivouac, mountaineering... CONSTANT LIGHTING.

ACTIVE series headlamps: lighting for outdoor activities

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ACTIVE series headlamps: lighting for outdoor activities

Power... non-stop!



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Versatile, stable lighting for outdoor activities



• Hiking

• Trekking

• Bivouac

• Mountaineering

Your needs:

Constant brightness, adapted beams and compact size, for versatility of use.





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comfortable lighting that does not decrease over time



The headlamp has an integrated electronic regulation system.


• Constant brightness Brightness remains constant over a predetermined time.

• BOOST mode: allows occasional access to maximum brightness

• Reserve lighting: when the constant lighting phase ends, reserve lighting offers a weaker light output over several dozen hours, allowing the activity to be completed



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