Pulleys are used to haul up equipment or raise a person in a rescue situation. Some of them can be combined with a rope clamp to facilitate maneuvers, others allow movement along rope or cable.

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Pulleys (18)
Kit for evacuation and hauling (3)
Progress capture pulleys (2)
High-efficiency pulleys (3)
Prusik pulleys (4)
Single pulleys (2)
Transport pulleys (2)
Specialized pulleys (2)
Haul kit (3)
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Kit for evacuation and hauling

Progress capture pulleys

Pulleys for rescue, hauling loads or self-rescue.

High-efficiency pulleys

Equipped with ball bearings to ensure optimal efficiency, these models are recommended for rescue or the movement of heavy loads.

Prusik pulleys

Pulleys for hauling and technical hauling systems that require a self-jamming Prusik hitch.

Single pulleys

For moving loads more easily.

Transport pulleys

Double pulleys designed for movement along a rope or cable.

Specialized pulleys

Pulleys for specific uses, such as movement along a rope with passage of knots or along a cable.

Haul kit

New items