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Petzl has been a family business ever since we began designing and manufacturing our products in the Rhône-Alpes region (Isère and Savoie) of France.

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Today, our components and products are manufactured in Petzl factories in France and Malaysia, as well as by suppliers around the world that are overseen by Petzl.

Petzl’s industrial approach has always been based on meeting essential requirements for safety and product quality (to learn more, see ‘An ambitious industrial policy’). This approach integrates social and environmental dimensions with the goal of developing long-term relationships with suppliers and moving forward together.

Having set up the tools for a Responsible Purchasing Policy (code of conduct, self-assessment questionnaire, audit guide), Petzl also commissioned an audit of its purchasing system. This audit identified improvements to be made in-house to ensure the efficient communication and integration of our requirements to suppliers.

Today, 80 % of our suppliers commit to signing the Code of Conduct. Petzl deploys social processes in collaboration with an NGO (HR Without Borders) to its key suppliers in Asia, in order to build long-lasting partnerships.

>> Download the Supplier code of conductPicto pdf[pdf - 459kb]
>> Download the application of supplier code of conduct Picto pdf[pdf - 172kb]


Picto puceTools for a Responsible Purchasing Policy

The supplier Code of Conduct defines our social and environmental demands (human rights, health, safety, etc.), based on the standards set by the International Labor Organization and ardently following the regulations in the supplier’s country.
It is available in English, French and Chinese.

Different tools allow Petzl to evaluate the progress of its suppliers in their commitment vis-a-vis the Code of Conduct. Petzl employees use the audit guide as a support tool when they visit suppliers to address environmental and work safety issues.

In 2010, an organization specializing in responsible purchasing issues and social and environmental responsibility trained a group of Petzl employees to ensure the effectiveness of the implementation process.


GuillemetsPetzl - an original approach
The difficulties in implementing improvements in the social practices of suppliers through compliance audits - especially in a multicultural context - were highlighted in a report by the Foundation for Human Rights at Work (2008).
Petzl has therefore decided to build a partnership approach with suppliers, rather than simply performing inspections.
Vincent Tournadre, Purchasing Manager

>> Download the report by the Foundation for Human Rights at Work"Beyond Social Auditing" Picto pdf[ English pdf - 1,2 Mb]


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