Adapting the lighting

Lighting can be adapted to different needs by varying two parameters:

  • the pattern of the beam: wide or focused. Different Petzl models offer either one type of beam or the possibility of alternating between a wide or focused beam.
  • the lighting level: most Petzl headlamps have a choice of several modes (maximum, optimum, economic and Boost)


Beam patterns for all uses


Wide beam Faisceau large

It emits uniform, close-range light for stationary activities or those requiring slower movement.

Mixed beam Faisceau mixte

It combines a wide beam for good ground lighting with a focused beam for added depth. This beam is adapted to close-range vision and to moving around.

Focused beamFaisceau focalisé

It concentrates the light to shine long distances and therefore allows longrange, precise vision.



A uniform beam for comfortable lighting

Petzl headlamps:

Perfectly uniform beam: no dark spots, irregularities or blinding spots to impede visibility and reduce visual comfort.

The beams of other headlamps:

Presence of a central bright spot: blinding

Presence of visual defects: lack of precision, discomfort, fatigue




Lighting levels

Lighting performance needs change in different situations. This is why Petzl headlamps offer advanced solutions for lighting management: maximum, optimum, economic and Boost modes.

-Lighting modes

Most of our LED headlamps offer a choice between three different brightness levels: maximum, optimum and economic. This way, the user can adapt the lighting level to the situation in order to favor either light quantity or battery life.
Along with these three levels, there is also a strobe mode, used for signaling location (for rescue, searches, etc.).


-Boost mode

Boost mode is available on certain LED headlamps. It increases lighting strength to approximately 50 % greater than maximum mode for 20 seconds.