Sunday October 7 at 13h25, V.axess Facility in Crolles, France. As a loud uproar of applause rises from all corners of the building, the Russian team Hyperborea Evpator from St Petersburg finishes first the final task and  claims the bell trophy of the Petzl RopeTrip.

Unfortunately for Vertice Vertical the other finalist team from Spain, one of the team member was stuck on his ascenders in a critical position and had to be assisted by the judges to get off the ropes, thus canceling for them all chances of victory. A few moment later, at the awards ceremony all the team of rope access workers were congratulating each others for their sporty participation in the event.

Rope Trip © Lafouche

The first edition of the Petzl RopeTrip was a huge success, with a real international involvement from 12 different countries. Coming from as far as Singapore the participants were eager to both measure themselves throughout the very original tasks of the competition but also to be able to meet and discuss with fellow workers and trainers from different cultures and backgrounds. During the event one could attend a conference on european requirements in training for rope access, discuss about safety knots with the team from hungary, observe the precision and smoothness of the progression on ropes of the two Russian women involved, compare the speed efficiency of different ascending techniques etc...

The competition side even if it is a strong motor for all is not the finality of the participants as explained by Arnaud Chauvin, 2nd in 2012 French National Rope Access competition: "Even if we are in opposite teams we share tricks on how to complete a task quicker. Yes we are competitors at work but here we feel all in the same community of rope access workers".


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A few Highlights of the week end

  • External rope task: Tania of team Evpator Moscow lost only 50g. of water from the bucket.
  • Silo Rescue: Anastasia from team Evpator St Petersburg rang the final bell before the fan went off, completing the rescue under 5min.
  • Rejuvination: Serge Lamber, aged 67 also mountain guide completed all the tasks with the swiss Altimum team and they ranked 17/25.
  • Creativity: Special mention for the Spanish team Sector Vertical and their scrap mascot "Pincelin".
  • Outfits: Another mention for the French team Acromagnon dressed up in old style.
  • Courage: To the Russians team who came by car all the way to Crolles.
  • Far, far away: Team all Access showed from Singapore and finished 14/25.
  • Involved: Our distributor in Bulgaria Petko Totev came with a team, but one the crew at the last minute could not make it, No problem Petko took his place and competed.
  • Extrem: Again to the Russian teams who were part of last summers world underground exploration record going lower than -2000m in the Voronia caves.
  • Shoot again? 99% of chance that the event is organized next year.
  • Special thanks to: Sylvain Borrie and his team from EPIsûr, for the organisation of the event!


Photo gallery of the Petzl RopeTrip




1- Hyperborea Evpator (Russia)
Evgenii Venskii - Anastasia Venskaya - Daniil Cherednichenko
2- Vertice Vertical (España)
Jonatan Roblin - Miguel Costa - José Mellado
3- Aplomb (France)
De Carvalho Joël - De Carvalho Ruis - Mendes Albano


Petzl RopeTrip 2012