ATEX: classification of gas according to their autoignition temperature

T1 T2 T3
Ethyl acetate Amyl acetate Acrolein
Methyl acetate Butyl acetate Tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol
Acetone Propyl acetate Crotonic aldehyde
Acetonitrile Vinyl acetate Benzol diluent
Acetic acid Acetylacetone (ou 2-4 pentanedione) n-Bromobutane
Hydrocyanic acid Acetylene Butyl Carbitol (or diethylene glycol monobutyl ether)
Acrylonitrile Primary amyl alcohol (or pentanol 1) Diethylene glycol monobutyl ether (or Butyl Carbitol)
Ammonia Secondary amyl alcohol (or pentanol 2) n-Butyraldehyde
Aniline Isobutyl alcohol (or isobutanol) Cyclohexane
Benzene Allyle (chloride) Cleaner's naphtha (or solvent)
Benzyl (chloride) Amyl acetate Special-boiling-point spirits
Bromoethane 1,3-butadiene Turpentine
Bromomethane n-butane Ethoxyethanol
Butyl methyl ketone normal butanol Ethylcyclobutane
Carbon monoxide Butene Ethylcyclohexane
Chlorobenzene 1-Butyl acetate Ethylcyclopentane
n-Chlorobutane n-Butyl acetate Ethyl mercaptan
Chloroethane Ethylene (chlorhydrate) Coal oil (or Kerosene)
Chloromethane Chloroethanol (or ethylene chlorhydrate) n-Heptane
Chloropropane Acetyl chloride n-Hexane
Benzyl chloride Allyle chloride Hydrogen sulfide
Dicloromethane Cumene Solvent (or Cleaner's naphtha)
Vinyl chloride (or monochloroethene) Cyclohexanol Paraffinic solvent (Special-boiling-point spirits)
m and p-cresols Cyclohexanone Tetrafluoroethylene
o-cresol Cyclohexene Tetrahydrofuran
Cyclopropane Cymene Tetrahydrofurfuryl (Alcohol)
commercial diacetone alcohol 1-1 Dichloroethene White spirits
pure diacetone alcohol Diethylamine T4
Dichlorobenzene Dimethylamine Acetic aldehyde
1-2-Dichloroethelyne Dimethylaniline Acetic (aldehyde)
Dichloroproprane Dimethyllormamide Benzaldehyde
Ethane Epichlorhydrin (or 1-chloro-2,3 epoxypropane) Dibutyl ether (or butyl ether)
Ethyl (acetate) Epoxyethane (ethylene oxide) Dioxane
Methyl ethyl ketone Epoxypropane Ethylic ether (or diethyl ether)
Methyl formate Ethanol Ethyl methyl ether
Hydrogen Ethylamine Trimethylamine
Isobutene Ethylbenzene T5
Mesitylene (or trimethylbenzene) Ethyl (formate) Hydroxylamine
Methane Ethyl (methacrylate) T6
Methanol Ethyl (methalacrylate) Carbon disulfide
Methyl (acetate) Ethylene Ethyl nitrate
Methyl (formate) Ethylene chlorhydrine (or Chloroethanol) (or epoxy ethane)

Methane (dichloride) Ehtyl formate
Methylstyrene Diesel
Monochlorobenzene Isobutanol (Isobutyl alcohol)
Monochloroethelyne (vinyl chloride) Isobutyl (alcohol)
Naphtalene Isooctane
Nitrobenzene Ethyl methacrylate (or ethyl methylacrylate)
Carbon monoxide Methyl methacrylate (or methyl methylacrylate)
Phenol Methylamine
Propane Methyl (Methacrylate)
Propene (or Propylene) Methyl (Methylacrylate)
Propylene (or Propene) Nitraethane
Methyl propyl ketone Nitromethane
Pyridine 1-Nitropropane
Styrene monomer 2-Nitropropane
Toluidine n-Octane
Trimethylbenzene (or mesitylene) Ethylene oxide (or epoxyethane)
Vinyl (chloride) Paraformaldehyde
m-Xylene 2,4 Pentanedione (ou acetylacetone)
o-Xylene 1 Pentanol (or primary amyl alcohol)
p-Xylene 2 Pentanol (or secondary amyl alcohol)
1-chloro-2,3-epoxypropane (epichlorhydrin)
Propyl (acetate)
Vinyl acetate