RECALL FOR INSPECTION of all SCORPIO via ferrata lanyards

AttentionPhoto des longes SCORPIO


Have you inspected your lanyard?

Following an accident caused by a lanyard with a production defect, Petzl launched on May 24 2011 a recall for inspection of all SCORPIO lanyards manufactured up to serial number 11137****.
The relevant product references are: L60, L60 CK, L60 2, L60 2CK, L60 H, L60 WL, K29VF 1, K29VF 2, K29VE 1, K29VE 2, K29V 1, K29V 2.


Following the call for inspection launched May 24, 2011, all of the affected SCORPIO lanyards should have been inspected by Petzl. Lanyards that have been inspected are identified by a green sticker or an "OK" or "CONFORMING" inspection label".


If you own or know someone who owns a SCORPIO via ferrata lanyard that has not been inspected, please:




I buy today one with serial

I buy today one with serial 13009au 6514. Is any problem?

Br Goncalo

RE : I buy today one with serial

No with this serial number the product is not concerned.

Hello, I bought today tree

I bought today tree with serial numbers:
13077AR, 13077AU, 12135AR. Is there any problem?

RE Hello I bought today three

According to the serial numbers that you provide, your products are not concerned by the inspection procedure.

Scorpio L60

Where do I have to take this for inspection, i live in Bozel 73350.

Re Scorpio L60

Please contact our aftersales service : with precise phone and postal adress in order ton contact you directly asap.
or by phone +33 (0)4 56 58 19 32

Scorpio Vertigo L60WL

L60WL Serial09124CN bought today
Does it need Inspection ?

Re Scorpio Vertigo L60WL

Hello Dimitrios,
According to the serial number that you provide, this product is concerned, But if you bought it in a shop it should have been allready inspected. Before use please open the zip of the absorber pouch and check inside, you should find a special label saying that it has been checked and a green sticker.
If there is no such label, and sticker or if you have any doubt and need any assistance please contact the shop where you purchased the product and the Petzl Distributor in the country where you bought the product.

Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience in relation to this recall for inspection. The safety of our users is our main concern.

Petzl Web Community Manager

Hello Laurent.Thank you

Hello Laurent.

Thank you very much for your immediate response and for helpfull advice.
Best Regards.
Dimitrios Kyriakis.

Petzl L60700-C


i have a petzl scorpio l60700
with serial nr 08148CJ 0018
is this concerned ?

Thanks in advance

Re : Petzl L60700-C


According to the serial number, yes your product is concerned, please stop using it and contact as soon as possible the Petzl distributor in your country for free inspection of your product.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience in relation with this issue.


New Scorpio - no green sticker


Just bought a Scorpio L60 WLA, ID Number 13175AU 7824, it doesn't have any green sticker or paper saying it was tested.

Is this ok to be used on my next 10 days via ferrata trip??

RE : New Scorpio - no green sticker


The recall for inspection concerned the Products up to serial number 11137****.

Your product is not concerned and has been manufactured according to our latest quality and safety controls.



I live in brazil and bought my scorpio in us 3 years ago. According to the serial number it has to be checked. I am in climbing and ferrata trip in france right now. At this moment i am in chamonix. What should I do in order to have a safe equipment for my trip.

Re Procedure

Hello Ricardo,

First thing is to stop using your lanyard until it is inspected. You can bring your product to one of the retailers in Chamonix and they can have it checked. If you drive close to Grenoble you can stop at our headquarters in Crolles (Petzl is just next to the Highway toll before Grenoble coming from Chambery. Inspection can be done immediatly during opening hours. 08h30-12H30 13H30-17H30
on weekdays.

contact of our aftersales Service : or +33 4 56 58 19 32

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience due to this issue, the safety of our users is our main priority.


I am currently on a via

I am currently on a via ferrata trip and found info at start of serial is this a problem?

RE : I am currently on a via


According to the serial numbers that you provide yes your product is concerned by the inspection procedure.
Please stop using and contact the aftersales service of Petzl in your country for immediate inspection.

Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience related to this issue, the safety of our users is our main concern. Since this problem all the industrial process and quality control have been upgraded.


Scorpio Recall

I have made contact with the petzl representative in Brazil, Spelaion, and they want me to ship the equipmente to them, in another distant province, something that´s expensive.
I´m not reponsible for the recall and the equipment, that´s Petzl.

I want to know what Petzl will do in this case. Safety is something very important, and nobody should make the consumer pay even more for this kind of procedure.


José Luiz

Re Scorpio Recall

Hello José,

Sorry for a late reply, you should not have to pay for the shipping to our distributor in the case of a recall. We will re-inform him of this point. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience due to this recall.

SN 10251DD0710

Hi. I just found this page. I have Scorpio L60 WL with SN 10251DD0710. I suppose that my one should be checked as well. I have opened the zip and found a label saying PPE inspection 31/5/11 with OK mark and a small green dot next to the scissor mark saying do not remove. Does that mean tis one has been inspected and is ok to use?? Actually I have use it last year but did not fall in it! Thanks

RE SN 10251DD0710

Hello Laly,

Yes your lanyard has been inspected according to the information that you provided. You can use it. But please conduct a regular inspection of your product according to the procedure detailed on the technical notice of the product.

L60 2

Just bought L60 2 at the local retailer here in Latvia with the serial number 10188CF0756. Then accidentally came across this web page... When I open the zip I see white label saying "PPE Inspection OK" but no date written. There is no green dot anywhere just the red scissor mark saying "do not remove" and the mentioned white label. Is this lanyard good to use?

Best regards, Andris

Re L60


Your product contains the proof of the ppe inspection, with the white label. It is safe to use.
Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience due to this recall.


I am looking to buy a new Via Ferrata Scorpio Vertigo Kit,

Before buying the product could you let me know if the products serial code L60WLA is affected or is it safe?


Re: L60WLA

Hello Elwyn,

The L60WLA is not affected.


L60 2

Hi- I am about to leave for Italy for the month and recently purchased a new in package Petzl Scorpio L60 2. Planning to do some easier Via Ferrata climbing in the Dolomites. Serial# is 06170AE 1903 I don't find a green inspection dot in the zippered compartment.

It would seem this is one of the ones that should be inspected, yes?

RE L60 2

Hello Brad,
Yes if there is no green dot or no inspected mention visible inside the absorber's pouch the product needs to be inspected. Do not use until it has been inspected.
Contact as soon as possible.
Please accept our apologies for all inconvenience related to this issue.

Scorpio Eashook VF lanyard

I have a Scorpio Eashook VF lanyard (L60H) with the id number of 13164RY 7059.
Is this OK to use?

RE Scorpio Eashook VF lanyard

Hello Cath,
Yes it is ok to use, the serial number is not in the scope of the concerned products. As specified in the instructions conduct a ppe inspection regularily.

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