Following the discovery of counterfeit Petzl products we have developed a decision tree to help you identify the origin of your Petzl product and what to do next.



 Download the decision tree: Is my Petzl product authentic? (553 ko pdf file)


Download this decision tree in spanish









Small error

There is a small error on the NO branch of the "Has it been purchased through an official Petzl dealer?" question. This should NOT be an Official Petzl Dealer!

Official Petzl dealer = shop or web with all the following:
- very limited Petzl range,
- or only these four products
- surprisingly low prices
- not approved by national distributor

What a downright shame and

What a downright shame and nightmare this must be for Petzl and its customers. I hope that examples in customer service like the one in this blog's comments show your customers that you are serious about helping them understand the origins of their product. When one is considering climbing gear, safety has to be the number one factor. Knowing that something comes directly from Petzl and not some overseas counterfeit outfit comes with a high degree of assurance. Good luck to Petzl in identifying their products as well as hopefully putting an end to those who are passing off your products as their own.


Yes indeed, thanks for pointing it out. Please accept our apologies for this mistake in the translation process, the document will be corrected as soon as possible. Thanks for your support.

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