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Carabiners and quickdraws for multi-pitch and mountain routes

The new ANGE carabiners use the MonoFil Keylock wire gate system developed by Petzl. This system, halfway between the traditional gate mechanism and the classic wire gate system, combines the best of these two technologies to ensure an extremely smooth opening and closing movement. It has an exclusive H-profile, guaranteeing an excellent strength-to-weight ratio.

To learn more about the ANGE, take a trip to the Grand Capucin
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ANGE carabiners

mousquetons ANGE

Contact surfaces designed to extend the life of the carabiner and limit rope wear

Straight nose to optimize clipping and unclipping

MonoFil Keylock system

The deflector works with the shape of the carabiner to allow proper positioning of the carabiner on its major axis

H-profile provides an excellent strength-to-weight ratio

STRING positioning indent

Système monofil Keylock

mousquetons ANGE

ANGE S and ANGE L carabiners open and close smoothly with Petzl's MonoFil Keylock system. This exclusive system uses a spring mechanism similar to that found in standard-gate carabiners. This mechanism lasts twice as long as that found on standard wire-gate carabiners.

mousquetons ANGE

To guarantee optimal efficiency, all Petzl carabiners use the Keylock system: the body/gate interface does not have a hook that could snag on anchors, ropes, harness equipment loops, etc.



mousquetons ANGE

The H-profile of the ANGE S and ANGE L carabiners is thicker on the inside part, easing passage of the rope while optimizing durability.

Indent for STRING

mousquetons ANGE

The indent on the bottom of the ANGE S and ANGE L carabiners helps keep the STRING in place so that the sling is properly positioned on the carabiner.

Shape of the nose

mousquetons ANGE

The shape of the nose is designed to optimize clipping and unclipping.


The ANGE FINESSE quickdraws are available in four versions:

with two S ANGES, this quickdraw is for climbers looking for the lightest and most compact combination S - 63 g

mousquetons ANGE

the longer sling makes this quickdraw more multipurpose, while still being ultra light - 66 g

mousquetons ANGE

the ANGE L on the rope side make clipping quick and easy, while the ANGE S on the anchor side keeps weight down - 72 g

mousquetons ANGE

designed for easy and fast clipping, even when wearing gloves - 78 g

mousquetons ANGE

ANGE video

Arnaud Petit, Stéphanie Bodet and Pierre Plaze (Petzl product manager) take you up on the Grand Capucin (in the Mont-Blanc massif) to introduce the ANGE carabiner.

More details on the ANGE range of carabiners

ANGE carabiners come in two versions:
- an ultra-light, compact version: ANGE S
- a standard size version: ANGE L


mousquetons ANGE

The compact ANGE S version is designed for users demanding ultra-light gear.
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mousquetons ANGE

The ANGE L version is designed for users wanting to cut down on weight while keeping the functionality of standard-sized gear.
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mousquetons ANGE

ANGE FINESSE quickdraws are composed of
- ANGE S and/or ANGE L carabiners
- a FINESSE Dyneema® sling
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Listen to the unique sound of the ANGE

The click of a closing carabiner can be part of the communication between members of a climbing team. It's even more true on long routes, when it is the climber isn't visible or when it's difficult to talk to one another. The sound of the carabiner can signal to the climber that an out-of-sight carabiner is clipped. It can also signal to the belayer that the climber will be needing slack soon (as when a bolt or piece of gear is clipped) or that the climber has clipped the rope.

 mousquetons ANGE


To listen to the unique sound of the ANGE, download the files below (right click > 'save file as' ):

telephone ring tone : a remix of climbing sounds (ANGE, corde, etc) for your cell phone.

[Mp3 - 905 ko] for most portable cell phones
[M4R - 590 ko]
import the file in iTunes and install it on a iphone
[Wave - 4 Mo
[Wma - 361 ko]


computer click : replace the standard sounds on your computer with the click of the ANGE.

Vidéo : using the ANGE

Clipping tips and advice.