By now calm has probably returned to Piedra Parada. The 1300 climbers have left, the winds have erased the footprints and the canyons no longer echo with the jangling of gear and the shouts of "Allez!" or "Venga!" After the 2012 Petzl RocTrip that took place November 22-25, what's left?

Of course there are the memories: climbing in the sun, climbing in the shade, sharing stories, seeing old friends and making new ones, bus rides, discovering new lines, exploring the canyons, sunsets and sunrises, swimming in the river, dust, asado, cervesa, music, dancing, onsights, redpoints, projects, sun, horses...
And finally there are the 250 routes, with great potential for hundreds more. They're waiting for you. So you if you missed out on this year's RocTrip, plan a trip down to Piedra Parada and make your own memories.
Petzl would like to thank everyone that helped make the RocTrip a success: Mario Moncada and his family, the people and officials of Chubut Province, the route setters, guidebook authors, the food vendors, the rescue and medical teams, and of course all the crucial volunteers. And we would like to say thanks to all the climbers that came from all over to world to share their passion for climbing and adventure.