Sometimes you find treasures right in your backyard. The excellent ice climbing conditions in the Alps last winter allowed for a rare ascent of the seldom frozen Oule Waterfall, near the Petzl Headquarters. From his office window Erwan Lelann, Petzl's Promotions Manager, had been scoping out the line as it formed. Finally on Valentine's Day 2012 he got his chance. And here's the video...

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Erwan LelannErwan, on his ascent of the Oule Waterfall on February 14, 2012
"I've been ice climbing around Grenoble for almost 20 years, and for at least 10 years I’ve been dreaming of the day when the waterfalls that flow down off the Saint-Hilaire du Touvet plateau would freeze up. In 2001 a cold spell allowed us to climb a number of beautiful lines, but only the upper portion of Oule Falls froze [...]"
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  Topo Cascade de l'Oule (5+, V+)