Check out the Petzl Millau Roctrip film, featuring the 90m Infinity Lane routes...
17 minutes of amazing climbing to get you psyched!

  • About the climbing

Chris SharmaInfinity Lane is a something new we thought up for the 2009 Millau Natural Games.
The two Ultimate Routes, located at the Cathédrale in the Gorges de la Jonte (Aveyron, France), are actually three-pitch sport lines that the participants have to link together into one long, single pitch. The grade is about 8a (90 meters) for the women and 8b+ (90 meters) for the men.
Climbers had four days to link the route. They weren't allowed to work the moves - once a climber fell, she or he was lowered to the ground and had to start over from the beginning the next day.
Martina Cufar and Florence Pinet both onsighted the Women's Ultimate Route... Dani Andrada and Mickaël Fuselier made it almost to the top before falling near the anchors on the men's route. However it took Chris Sharma only one try to get to the top.
Climbers used 200m ropes, specially ordered for this event.
The Men's Ultimate Route shares its start with Les chemins de Katmandou, which Chris Sharma climbed 5 years earlier. He was therefore familiar with the start (and its 8b boulder problem), but not the end and the final crux of the route.
A huge congratulations and thank you to the entire team for their energy and motivation!
A special thanks to Géraud Fanguin and the route setters for all the hard work they did equipping these incredible routes!


-Infinity Lane - the film

And here's the film of Infinity Lane 2009 [17 min].
Directed by Team Les Collets with music written & performed by Said Belhaj.

  Starring: Florence Pinet, Martina Cufar, Lynn Hill, Nina Caprez, Chloé Minoret, Anouk Evene,
Chris Sharma, Dani Andrada, Mickaël Fuselier, Daniel Dulac, Steve McClure,
Tony Lamiche, Sean McColl, Enzo Oddo and Gerhard Hörhager.


-About the filming

This film was directed by Team Les Collets Production, based in Argentière-La-Bessée, France.
Said Belhaj (a Petzl team member) did an amazing job writing and performing this music especially for the film.
A few details about the filming:
The music was recorded in a studio and filmed with three cameras. Said put down the first track, then played another instrument while listening to the first track. He repeated this process for the six tracks, each one with different instruments, all on the first take. Once the sound track was recorded, the team filmed the climbing in Millau and edited the footage to the music. The climbing footage was filmed over four days with four cameras: Laurent Triay filmed the men's route, Guillaume Broust filmed the women's, with Ben Semiond and Gilles Estrambouli filming the other aspects. With so many cameras and with such long routes, the editing process was very tedious!


-Infinity Lane - the photos

A few shots taken during the Natural Games.
All photos by Sam Bié.



For download (Right click > "Save target as...").
Photos by Sam Bié.

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