photo G RogelWriter, climber and guide Majka Burhardt has a penchant for combining adventure climbing and travel to exotic destinations. She does this with a heart-felt emphasis on gaining an greater understanding of the places she visits and the people inhabiting them. A few years ago, she and several other climbers travelled to Ethiopia, known to most Westerners has a place of desert and famine. Majka returned with stories of first ascents and a rich, new perspective of this often misunderstood country. Her book, Vertical Ethopia: Climbing Towards Possibility in the Horn of Africa, vividly documents her Ethiopian climbing adventure.

Following an extensive book tour, Majka once again set her sights on Africa - Namibia, this time. In May 2009, she and a small team of climbers departed for that southern African country with two goals in mind: to find a way up an unexplored face, and to find a way into a deeper understanding of that region. She and her team returned having accomplished both.

Majka recently released a DVD, Waypoint Namibia (see trailer below), which captures the sights and sounds of her journey. It is available for purchase from her site.

Petzl's 2010 Sport catalog features an article by Majka about her first ascent of Southern Crossing.



Waypoint Namibia Trailer from Majka Burhardt on Vimeo.